Choose Sordina for total security.
We always guarantee maximum efficiency and ease of use before, during and after sales.

Those who choose Sordina are guaranteed a technologically advanced piece of equipment but not only. Every one of our clients are granted access to a compete and genuine synergy system that ensures maximum efficiency, convenience and safety.  Starting from design through to support, production installation and maintenance operations, every single operative step of the Sordina product is supervised directly by the manufacturer. Furthermore, Sordina provides a wide range of after-sales services throughout Italy, for its equipment and similar or complementary products. Services are always provided by experts or by specialized affiliated centres.  All service technicians are constantly updated trained professionals. During regular refresher courses, which are obligatory for all of our staff, security and accident prevention topics are also implemented. Maintenance intervention can be carried out as scheduled by our clients. Sordina also offers the possibility of stipulating various contract types for regular maintenance, full service and full risk.   Validation of the sterilization processes according to UNI EN 554 and UNI EN 285 regulations is always guaranteed as long as measuring are always performed by a certified third party.

Sordina in Italy

We are present throughout Italy with direct technicians and authorized technical assistance centres in order to intervene within 8 working hours from a call.

Service Coordination Service of Vicenza
Technical Coordination Secretariat.

Aprilia Operative Service Area
Opertive Service Personnel.

Tuscany Region Service Area
Volterra n. 1 Technician

Lombardia Region Service
Lodi n. 1 Technician

Veneto Region Service
Padova n. 1 Technician

Sede Service Sicily Region
Messina n. 2 Technicians

Region Lazio CAAT
Roma n. 3 Technicians

Region Puglia CAAT
Bari n. 2 Technicians

Region Sardegna CAAT
Sassari n. 1 Technician
Cagliari n. 1 Technician

Sordina in the world

Sordina sells and maintains its products all over the world directly or through distribution centres.