The purity of innovation
The range of sterilizers Sordina has always been at the top for its technology and efficiency
  • Advanced technology
  • Innovative Design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Guaranteed Security
  • Extreme reliability
  • Compliance with law and applicable regulations
Steam sterilizers S36 e S66


The essential and meticulous lines correspond to a project in which each single detail has been accurately developed for the highest possible level of functionality.

The new generation S6 range of sterilizers, with saturated steam, have a very large sterilization chamber wrapped in cladding and insulated with a melamine based resin with a high insulation power so that the maximum temperature of the external surfaces does not exceed 40°C.

The chamber is made from austenitic titanium stainless steel AISI316Ti, with a 10- year warranty, and complies with the strictest safety norms with a chamber thickness of 8mm.

The cladding may be made from austenitic titanium stainless steel AISI 316Ti upon request, as a standard it is supplied in AISI 304 high resistant stainless steel.

All of the models are available in a configuration with a single or double gate (P version) with pneumatic movement and with a system that guarantees silence and safety. Movement of the door is regulated by touch-sensitive buttons on the relative touch-screen control panel.

Graphic colour touch-screen display 5.7” LCD STN 320X240 pixel. All of the through versions (dual gate) are fitted with a second graphic colour touch screen 3.8” LCD TFT 320X240 pixel on the sterile side.

The entire structure of the supporting frame and the external panels are also made from high resistant AISI 304 stainless steel, as well as the tubes and joints.


Easy access for maintenance and controls: ordinary maintenance can be carried out from the front (both sides) thanks to the completely extractable switchboard with telescopic guides.


The S range is fitted with two independent microprocessors, one for automatic management of the cycles and the other for operation control.

The colour touch-screens on the through models provide all information on the ongoing cycles and constantly illustrate the trend, in an alphanumerical and graphical form as well as indicating any possible malfunctions or defects.

Access to programming can be done directly from the control panel and is protected by a password.

There are 5 automatic execution sterilization programmes and comply with the norm EN285: POROUS load, RUBBER load, METAL load, CONTAINER load and optional LIQUID cycle.

Furthermore 11 free programmes are available in order to store new cycles that can be configured according to specific requirements (for example, prone cycle, rapid cycles, cycles for porous materials etc) that can be programmed during production or during installation.

The diagnostic programmes available are Bowie & Dick test and the empty test with the possibility of further storage. As far as the free programmes are concerned, further passwords can be provided and maintaining the parameters according to norms is guaranteed.

Furthermore, through the use of an ethernet port, the system can also be connected to an external PC for the transfer and printing of cycle data in a very detailed manner together with historical reports of the equipment, through the supervision of the STERI-SERV software; this can be connected with any traceability system, therefore providing management of the entire sterilization process and all of the sterilized material.

In the new S range, everything has been designed for easy use, including easy maintenance.

Starting with the resistances, up to 5 in order to divide the risk, and positioned on the front of the generator, easy to reach and easy to replace if necessary. The cooling system makes sure that the temperature of the discharged fluid never exceeds 40°C.

Sordina works in close collaboration with hospital experts and technicians, in order to produce the highest possible level of sterilizers on the market. An original project that has been studied in even the smallest of details, the use of high quality components, the presence of exclusive devices and features guarantee the usual Sordina superiority and safety in every operation.

In order to satisfy the requirements of all customers, dimensions have been reduced, still assuring a high level of loading capacity of the sterilization chamber.

The sterilizers Sordina were created on the basis of decades’ experience and advanced research. For this reason they set new standards in terms of reliability and ease of use in a process of fundamental importance for the hospital activity. The attention to every detail, the usage of high quality components, the presence of features and exclusive devices ensure the superiority and safety of Sordina.

New Model S336E

Technical and functional characteristics of the machine:

  • Electric Water Vapour Sterilizer, with one unit of sterilization (capacity of 71 lt.).
  • Opening/Closing with an automatic horizontal sliding door.
  • Operation with several sterilization cycles with computerised controls.
  • Powered by vapour self-produced by an integrated electrical vapour generator (independent and separate from the sterilization chamber), built from AISI316 stainless steel according to the PED norm.